PSU Colorado Scholarship

2018 Scholarship Winner:

Annaliese Thoat
Senior - International Politics / National Security


2017 Scholarship Winner:

Kaitlin Alemany
Senior - Biology

PSU Colorado Scholarship Amount:
In year's past, we have provided a minimum scholarship amount of $1,000. Beginning in 2015, PSU Colorado will award a scholarship in the amount of $1,555.

This just happens to be the distance in miles from Old Main at Penn State to the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver.

The money for our scholarship is raised every year through at least one of the following activities:

  • A portion of PSU Colorado Membership dues
  • Ad-Hoc donations from generous Penn Staters
  • Football game watch fundraising
  • Annual picnic fundraising
  • Winter dinner fundraising
  • Direct donations received through our website
  • Other fundraising activities as the Chapter deems necessary

Scholarship Nominations and Announcement Process

PSU Colorado intends to have the eligible students identified by June annually. The Penn State bursars office provides a list of eligible students to PSU Colorado. Students must be in good standing with the University. Eligible students receive a notification from PSU Colorado announcing their eligibility and are offered the opportunity to apply for the scholarship through an application questionnaire. The PSU Colorado Scholarship Committee then reviews the candidates and the scholarship is awarded by July or August, with an announcement made at our annual picnic and student send-off.

Scholarship Payment Award
PSU Colorado works directly with the Penn State bursars office to fund the scholarship. Students receive the scholarship money directly into a Penn State student account. The scholarship money can then only be used for valid academic purposes, which is typically charged to offset tuition costs or used for textbook or related purchases. This ensures that your valuable donation money is being used prudently. 

PSU Colorado Scholarship Committee
PSU Colorado has a committee made up of the Officers and other identified Board members and/or volunteers. The Committee is tasked to review the relevancy of the scholarship questionnaire, to contact eligible students, to participate in a vote to award the scholarship, and then to contact the winning student. At least one member from the Committee abstains to tabulate the vote. We feel it is important for the awarding of a Colorado Penn State scholarship to be made by individuals who are living here in our local community in Colorado.

PSU Colorado Scholarship Winners by Year
2018:    Annaliese Thoat
Kaitlin Alemany
Madisyn Barnes
2015: Robin Leonard
2014: Kinsey Morley
2013: Karen Bobkowski
2012: Meredith Crowder & Caroline Klatman
2011: Shawntawntee Collins & Caroline Klatman
2010: Catherine Vancura
2009: Amanda Gilmartin
2008: Adam Naito
2007: Jennifer Betts & Michael DiFelice

The Future of the PSU Colorado Scholarship - the Endowed Scholarship
PSU Colorado has been exploring a viable way to introduce an Endowed Scholarship. What does this mean exactly? Essentially, PSU Colorado would look to raise a minimum of $50,000 to fund an Endowment in our name (or in a name of our choice). By funding the Endowment, we would then be able to "automatically" fund a scholarship every year simply based on the earnings gained by the Endowment. This would set a strong financial foundation for PSU Colorado to commit a scholarship to Colorado Penn State students for the future. 

We definitely understand committing to an Endowment would require tremendous financial support of our local Colorado Penn Staters. Due to the significance of this effort, we are putting together a strategic plan on how we can realistically meet this goal. Rest assured, even with the Endowment, the awarding of the scholarship to a local Colorado Penn State student would remain in control locally by PSU Colorado. If you would like to be a part of this effort or would like more information, please contact us at

For more information on Penn State Endowments, please visit:

The Colorado Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association
2012-2018 Group of Distinction as recognized by the Penn State Alumni Association
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